St. John, Love City

We're about to leave for the ferry that will take us to the St. Thomas airport where we'll say goodbye to 75 degree weather, board a plane for Atlanta and then another plane for chilly Columbus. I can't even begin to describe the fun we've had here in St. John over the last two weeks. Rising with the sun and the morning breeze, absolutely perfect weather, wonderful snorkeling, fabulous hiking, a beautiful boat ride+photo shoot (more on that soon), two fantastic days in Jost Van Dyke BVI, a delicious daily indulgence in a Pain Killer or a Rum Punch or a Dread Fox, beach after magnificent beach... I personally finished two large bottles of 50 spf sunscreen and have only an increase in freckles, no sunburn (mother would be proud). Ben did a significant amount of driving around the island's steep switchback roads that are made more complicated by driving on the left side; while there were some moments of terror, he did much better than I would have. A significant amount of our time was spent brainstorming about how we as a writer+photographer couple could make it here in St. John. Most sweetly Ben and I have enjoyed the wonderful time we've spent with his parents - they know the island so well and are loved by everyone we run into.


I used 35mm for the majority of photos around the island and can't wait to get them processed; we also shot some 8mm video which I love. So here's to hoping spring is just around the corner in Columbus. Until next time, St. John. Yes, there will be a next time.