Helicopter Leaves & Little Bunny Foo Foo

As much as I would like to take credit for every fabulous detail of our wedding day, I have to admit that Ben tended to think outside the box a bit more than I did. When I was racking my brain for a ceremony site that had character, significance and heat (it was January after all), he casually suggested that we exchange vows in the barn on my aunt's property. Perfect. (Yes, we brought in an industrial heater and strategically positioned it toward the grandparents.) And again, when we discussed our grand post-reception getaway, I wasn't thrilled about any of the usual celebratory options like birdseed or bubbles; Ben suggested we gather hundreds of my beloved helicopter leaves to be launched by friends and family. And so we did. It was perfect and I love the photos that John & Lindsey captured as we made our exit, running through hundreds of beautiful twirling leaves.

It's been our intention to celebrate our anniversary by throwing several of these leaves into the air ourselves... but to be honest we've forgotten both years. But it still brings me the same joy every time I stand beneath these slow-descending tiny propellors. My husband and my mother both know this.

This is not the first package full of helicopter leaves that we've received from my mother's yard, but it is by far the biggest (the box is over a foot wide and at least 3 inches deep), and the first that's come addressed from Little Bunny Foo Foo. And I'm not so naive to think these were all awaiting her in a pile beneath one of the trees... no, she walks around, probably constantly accompanied by a few dogs, and spends an afternoon collecting these tiny jewels. Thank you, Momma, for reminding us to celebrate each other and take joy in the little things.