Amy & Andy

I met Amy Glass at a commercial studio here in Columbus - she's a crazy good retoucher and master of all things photoshop - and it just took one conversation to realize that no, we're not related. Shortly after we met and shared lots of tasty meals together, her older brother, Andy, proposed to his long time girlfriend, Amy. That's right, in a few months there would be another Amy Glass. I know, it's confusing. So last weekend, I, Lily Glass, friend of Amy Glass, photographed her brother Andy's wedding to a new Amy Glass -- no relation. Confusing surnames aside, it was a great wedding and a beautiful day. The couple married on the Glass family farm in Richmond, Indiana, and there was a constant breeze and lots of lemonade to keep all the guests comfortable outside. The two are definitely in love and so comfortable around one another - it was a joy to photograph their friendship and their new marriage. Best of luck to you two; thanks for letting me be a part of your fabulous day!