Product Feature : Pinhole Press

While in Vegas I stumbled upon the most user-friendly, adorable, non-cheesy photo product company yet: Pinhole Press. Their debut was at the WPPI Conference this winter; new to the market, they've already done so many things right. Their simple drag and drop product customization couldn't be any easier. A digital file is all you need and you're seconds away from a classic, modern, clean, practical, personalized item. I provide this link to all my wonderful clients, but wanted to spread the sweetness to photo-lovers everywhere! Below are some examples with LGP images - I mean, these are way better than mouse-pads and puzzles, right? They've got photo books, calendars, notepads and a slew of adorable stationary. I don't know one Grandma that wouldn't swoon over these precious products.

Save the dates? Fantastic.


Write your hundreds of thank you notes in style & leave your guests with a little memento from the day - a photo of you and your sweet honey. Or say thanks to your parents with a brag book.


The details :

You can use any digital photo, whether the photos were taken by LGP or not. Simply drag and drop onto your selected layout. Follow the prompts to customize the text.

click here to start the addictive perusing.