Mary & Patrick's Akron Enagegment Session

My conversation with Mary began while Ben and I were in Italy; when she ended one email with "eat some gelato for me," I knew we would be friends. She and her fiance, Patrick, are Akron natives and have known each other since middle school. In classic adolescent genius, Mary traded lockers with a friend which landed her conveniently close to the cute upperclassman with killer blue eyes. (Does this scream The Wonder Years to anyone else? And also, they both have killer blue eyes.) The rest is high school sweet heart history. After getting to know Mary and Patrick, I met with stylist-extraordinaire, Nichole R. who provided us with a great inspiration board which provided Mary with some direction as she scouted locations for our Akron engagement session. And while I'm pretty sure there were a thousand other things that Patrick would have rather been doing (he did admit that this was preferable to a shopping day at Easton - score one for Lily), I think he was pretty content to be with his stunning fiance in that fabulous dress. Thanks for soaking up that delicious evening light with me, Mary and Patrick - can't wait for next June!

Akron Ohio Engagement Session

Akron Ohio Engagement Session Akron Ohio Engagment Session