Tennessee Baby Shower

Baby Emerie is due early January and I don't think she could have more people excited about her arrival. We gathered in West Tennessee at the beginning of the month to shower Amy with all things pink and girly and, if I may say so myself, things turned out pretty great. Thanks to Magen (and baby Molly), for hosting and to Claire, Megan and Rose for all the beautiful arrangements and yummy foods. Guests enjoyed pink lemonade with stripped paper straws from Jack & Lulu , the most delicious rice crispy treats you've ever had, fruit salad, spinach and artichoke dip and, the hit of the party, home-made cake pops (good one, Rose). We asked guests to write a bedtime prayer for Emerie and played a few favorite baby shower games; the afternoon was spent with wonderful women ooooh-ing and awwww-ing over every little miniature outfit, shoe and nursery decoration. One thing is for certain, this little baby is going to be spoiled (or, for the Southerners, "spoilt"), and rightly so. Lily Glass Photography

Lily Glass Photography