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Meet Ruth Frances

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 ruth polaroid film

ruth polaroid film

 ruthie -polaroid film

This time last year I took a hiatus from work to travel Italy with my love; this year, my month has been devoted to welcoming a new love : 7lbs 12oz of it. We met our little girl three weeks ago today -- believe me, I was present for every minute of the 31-hour labor, and still can't believe that little being was knitted together and growing inside me for 9 months... and then came out! The moment Ben announced that we had a daughter and she was laid on my chest is one that I will never forget. All at once you are overwhelmed with wonder and a complete devotion to do everything you can to protect and love this brand new little being.

Meet Ruth Frances.

 ruthie_polaroid film
 ruthie polaroid film
 ruthie_ben polaroid film

To document the special occasion we purchased some film from the good folks at the Impossible Project and I couldn't be more excited to have a polaroid instant film option again. It also makes my heart happy to photograph our new little babe with the same camera that my sister and I were photographed with as infants.

 ruthie_lily polaroid film
 ruthie_3 weeks polaroid film
 ruthie_3weeks polaroid film
 Ben Ruth Polaroid

Our hearts are full -- blessed by this new little life and blessed by our friends and family that have been so supportive and encouraging during this crazy adventure. And this is just the beginning...