Fine Art Wedding Albums_001

More yummy albums! It makes my heart go pitter-patter when couples order wedding albums. I totally understand the desire to have a disc of negatives and believe me, I cherish the DVD of our wedding photos, but there's just something so wonderful about a tangible means to share your photographs. You and your family could cram around your 13"mac book and scroll through 500+ images... or you could oooo and aaaahh as you flip through a high quality fine art book that tells the story of your wedding day with your carefully chosen most favorite photographs.  What's that? Mom and dad wish they could show all their friends?  I bet they do. And they can. These little 4x4 parent albums are exact replicas of the larger 10x10 books, but purse-size friendly! They'll make your proud momma's braggin' way legit.

 Fine Art Wedding Albums_002