Articulating Your Priorities | work-life balance as a Mama+photographer

 Work+Life Balance as Mama Photographer | lily glass

I've heard it said that when we use the phrase "I just don't have time for _____…" what we're really saying is "that's not a priority." First thing I thought of? Exercise. (I was probably eating a cookie while I read it.) Exercise is always the first to go. And then sleep. But why? These two things that I know make me feel better and increase my creativity and the quality of my work are so easily tossed to the side.

We make time for the things most important to us, consciously or unconsciously. Every day decisions are made in light of what we value the most. This week, as your heart (and your belly) is full, take note of the things for which you're thankful and from there, try to articulate your top five priorities*. These can be existing priorities or desired priorities i.e., family, faith, success, health, adventure, education, etc., and decide which 2-3 are at the top of that list. This is an important step that we'll revisit time and time again as we discuss the juggle of motherhood and freelance work.

So often the choices we make are based on what we feel we should be doing -- whether society, social media, our upbringing or education be the persuasive voice instead our heads. It will take time and intentional repetition to become confident in making decisions based upon your priorities, but at the end of the day what a lovelier feeling than to know you gave your time to the things most important in your life. Then we'll begin talking about how these values influence our every-day decision making and time management.

*Remember that life comes in seasons. Your priorities and time management will look different with each stage of life and it will be necessary to revisit and analyze as you go. 

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