Wedding Photographer's Style Guide | SPRING

Style is often pushed aside by comfort and practicality when your job requires you to be on your feet and toting heavy equipment for 8-12 hours. But I promise you don't have to be the frumpiest one there. Please throw out your black dress pants and black turtleneck -- despite what you've been told wearing all black does not help you "blend in." Here's a few things to keep in mind as well as my favorite lovely (and practical!) picks for Spring wedding season:

Dress to fit the venue : Guests attending a rustic farm wedding won't be wearing the same thing to a formal black tie event and neither should you. Remember that you are a huge part of your brand, so dress accordingly and professionally. 

Keep jewelry tight and to a minimum : eliminate the risk (and embarrassment) of straps and necklaces or bracelets tangling up. 

If the shoe fits : I wear my Mix No. 6 heels (tried and true, they're comfortable for me), up until supper/reception time when I switch to flats. In my opinion this adds to the professionalism I want to convey and, let's be honest, I can use the extra height for better perspective. 

Bag : At any moment I have my two favorite lenses readily available. One on my camera and one in a bag on my person. This is typically a small shoulder bag that carries one extra battery, memory cards and an additional lens that appropriate for that portion of the wedding day. You can see more of my favorite shoulder bags here

A Wedding Photographer's Style Guide | Spring

A Wedding Photographer's Style Guide | Spring

o1 Dress : ANTHROPOLOGIE | o2 Earrings : KRISTINE LILY | o3 Cuff : ANOTHER FEATHER | o4 Camera Bag : ONA | o5 Heels : MIX No. 6 | o6 Flats : ME TOO