geronimo balloons studio tour for sf girl by bay

you know that feeling when you're about to meet someone that you feel like you know because of their social media presence but you're nervous because what if they're not that great in person and just really good at marketing and self promotion? well the second I met Jihan - owner, creative brain and personality behind Geronimo Balloons - all that went out the window and I knew this gal was even better than her online persona (which is pretty damn great). I visited her studio for SF Girl By Bay and it was only a matter of minutes before we were sharing recent dermatology procedures and cappuccinos. this gal is the bees knees and you should check out her wise and witty words in her interview with sf girl by bay. here are some favorites from our shoot. xo

Kate & Brett Lifestyle[d] Love Shoot

I think it's obvious why I immediately liked Kate the moment I met her - but if her strawberry locks and freckled complexion wasn't enough to win me over, her super sweet personality would have in no time. And wait until you watch this video of Brett's proposal - you'll instantly like him, too. He's pretty head over heels for Kate and they make a fabulous pair. The two love spending time together outdoors running, biking, sailing, and seeing movies - Up and Despicable Me two of their favorites. Brett is a sailing instructor (thus the sweet proposal hookup), so we spent some time in the hot sun at the Hoover Sailing Club in Westerville and then headed over to Studio 35 where I forced them to drink warm Coke... All styled by the fabulous Nichole R., of course. The photo of the boat in the first set is the one on which they were engaged - it just happened to sail on by while we were there. Dear Catherine S. let us borrow her bike at the last minute and those sweet stripey straws are from Jack & Lulu - check out the rest of their adorable collection! I had a blast with them and can't wait to celebrate their marriage later this summer!