kim+ryan in-home los Angeles maternity session

so much beauty in this short and long season of waiting, anticipating, preparing, hoping and worrying. while baby forms and grows and develops, your body swells with change, making room for new life. your role is altered, your relationships are different. a shift in perspective and responsibility. so much of it feels abstract in the days of waiting until finally baby arrives and you meet face to face the one who'd been doing the kicking and rolling and growing and the literal miracle of life so precious, so vulnerable, so devastatingly beautiful.

the pakenham family | manhattan beach photo session

this sweet, sweet family. so much love among them and it was an honor having the opportunity to document it. in the midst of their big family gathering and travel schedules, these big kids surprised their parents with an extended family photo session and showed up at manhattan beach pier on time, looking fabulous and 100% less frazzled than you would imagine 9 people preparing for their photo shoot to be. the kiddos played in the sand while the adults snuggled and the sun set slowly behind the horizon. the most laid back and enjoyable extended family session to date. thanks for sharing your beautiful family and precious time with me, pakenhams. xo

allison + peter + viv | los angeles family photography

the past few months have produced some of my favorite family sessions of my career. the initial inquiries are detailed and each unique in their own story but can be summarized as folks just wanting to remember their particular stage of life. and i get so excited because this is exactly why I do what I do. to document moments and create visuals for the memories you already hold so dear. to offer fresh eyes and grace in the midst of a busy or trying or exciting season. take allison+peter with their sweet little Viv, saying goodbye to their home in l.a. for a new adventure out east. most people gearing up for a cross country move and 18 weeks pregnant wouldn't think about adding "photo session" to their to-do list but they wanted to document this home, this time before three become four, and the obvious love that will followthem wherever they go. thank you for sharing this time with me, friends. xo