zoe nathan for life + thyme

When I first moved to Los Angeles I had a list a mile long of creative folks to contact, introduce myself to and hope to collaborate with. A very small list of folks even responded and when they did, not much was returned. This kind soul, however, welcomed me with a warm cup of coffee and proceeded to share his vast knowledge of the city's best restaurants. Writer, photographer and founder of Life+Thyme Magazine, Antonio Diaz is so good at what he does.

Their most recent issue was released in December and all about family, tradition and food (my most favorite things). So I met Antonio at the home of baker Zoe Nathan to discuss how those things fleshed out in her own life. I entered the light-filled quiet space in disbelief that there were three children living there. Things were in order and the newest babe (just six weeks!) was dozing contentedly in a bassinet in the corner. Zoe and her husband Josh Loeb spoke graciously and attentively to each child while somehow managing to carry on a poignant conversation with Antonio about the restaurant industry and how they strive to serve and love on their employees all the while throwing together the most delicious cranberry orange cornmeal cake. (Cut to my memory of myself six weeks after I gave birth to Ruth and the house was a wreck and I couldn't tell you way day it was...) In short, the morning was a beautiful encouragement to me of a kind, generous, loving family who happened to have a successful business. You can read all about Zoe+Josh's mission, passion and success in the Winter Issue of Life+Thyme