whitney + andrew's seattle wedding

I met Whitney when we were 8 in our small southern town in Tennessee. We volunteered at the local pet shelter together, spent summer days in her parent's pool and made many an increminating home video. I have a vivid memory of us laying on our stomachs in her bedroom flipping through a thick wedding magazine dog-earing our favorite dresses. As with many a kindred childhood friend she moved away a few years later and we lost touch until (thanks, social media) I get a sweet email from her describing her upcoming wedding and wonderful fiance. What a surreal thing to catch up and spend sweet time together on such a special day. here are a few of my favorites from whitney + andrew's seattle wedding. 

in front of the lens

one of my favorite things about this industry is the people. while many a creative field can be intimidating and cut-throat, I've always found the photography world to be full of people figuring things out together and not afraid of sharing their secrets. I meet with a fantastic group of seriously talented photo gals on a regular basis to share ideas, talk out frustrations, worry about our tax preparations. for all intensive purposes we are each other's immediate competition. but that doesn't stop us from grabbing drinks and swapping referrals and it makes me so proud. one of these fine gals, sarina cross, moved to los angeles from new york just a few months after we transplanted from ohio and a few weeks after meeting we set up a time to step out in the sunshine and in front of each other's lens for updated west coast portraits. and so, in a second act of vulnerability, i'm sharing some of my favorites (and one less flattering example of how my insides feel when I'm getting my picture taken, see if you can spot it.) i shared my images of the lovely sarina here

valley cruise press | 2017 los angeles lookbook

have you guys seen the goodies at valley cruise press lately? they're doing fantastically fun things and anyone with a denim jacket needs to shop their new line like yesterday. the married duo behind valley cruise work with a handful of independent artists to create unique, sassy and vibrant pins+patches (as well as new t's and scarves) sure to spruce up any old wardrobe. here are a few of my favorite images from our lookbook shoot last month.