Mark & Lisa Family Sneak Peak


Sweet little Josiah turns one next month! He was all grins the moment I brought out the camera (okay, except for that later photo). He loves his momma and daddy and the words dump and burp - whatever it takes, right?! Check out those baby blues!

Josiah's furry big brother, Tippy, clearly knows that this little two-legged blue-eyed boy knocked him down a few notches on the totem pole, but he watches out for Josiah just the same.

This was the consistent reaction to "burb."

We got to go outside for a few minutes and play in the snow; Josiah was such a trooper.

I think this was the moment he realized the lady with the camera had a giant coat on... and he did not.

What a beautiful family - Thank you for spending your morning with me, Lisa and Mark! Merry Christmas!