LilyGlassPhoto Education

It has been my experience that the professional photography community is especially open about what other industries would consider “trade secrets.” Individuals inside and out of the profession will tell you that professionals are unusually candid about everything from their shooting techniques, marketing strategies and post production methods, encouraging and sharpening the skills of up-and-coming photographers. I have always valued this vulnerability and am constantly improving because of it. While in the beginning stages of the professional realm myself, I have been working with other professionals for over 10 years. With the widespread use of DSLR cameras, an increased amount of people want to make the most of their abilities and their equipment; as a result, I often hear a set of similar questions from friends and clients alike. Digital photography makes the learning curve much quicker as you can experiment and see the results immediately - not to mention your mistakes are no longer a strain on your wallet as they were with film. And so, I am excited to announce that over the next few weeks I'll be working on short installments of LGP EDU.

We'll start off by discussing the intimidating technical factors that every photographer needs to know. Then on to more interesting subject matter: Lighting, Composition, Photographing People, Capturing a Moment, and Travel Photography. This is just the beginning; I hope that this becomes a regular discussion of relevant photo issues for individuals at every stage!

Disclaimer: Every photographer approaches the aforementioned issues in a way that works best for them. I will never proclaim that my way is the best nor the only way to go about something. I simply want to share what I've learned along the way in hopes that others may benefit and improve their documentation abilities!

I hope that whether you're starting out in your photography business or just want to take better pictures of your children, that you'll be able to glean some helpful hints! And as mentioned above I intend for these posts to inspire a discussion, so be sure to join in! Share your own experiences or examples and don't forget to stop by often. Pull up a seat, treat yourself to a yummy hot drink and bring your camera along for the ride!