Ben and I were invited to spend the weekend with my extended family in North Carolina this past summer. We love North Carolina. We also love my family - and this particular extension of relatives we don't get to see very often - so we re-arranged our schedules to swing by on the way home from a TN wedding weekend. During our visit (I've been sworn to secrecy that I would not share the exact location of this NC jewel... it's that great and unspoiled), I snuck away with my Uncle, "Unc," Aunt Stephanie and their four super fabulous kids to snap a few family photos. The initial spot we chose included a fabulous old dock and filling station, but the light was all wrong. We jumped back in the boat and headed toward an old concrete tower base that sat isolated in the water. Unc docked the boat and our photo session continued, right there in the middle of the lake (and no one fell in)! Unc and Steph met and married up here in Ohio, but have migrated to sunny Florida and these kids are all about water-everything. Each one of them has mastered water skiing and wake boarding. Carly - that beautiful blonde in the cute hat - she spends her free time at the top of water-skiing pyramids. We had the privilege of being personally tutored by the pros that weekend (the more I think about it, the more I feel that an additional post of Ben & Lily Water Extravaganza photos needs to happen). We had a blast!

Could these blonde kids be any more good looking?!