What Happens in Vegas...

I, for one, think it's quite serendipitous that I WON a full registration to WPPI in VEGAS. Right?! If I'm that lucky before I get to there, think about the possibilities when I arrive! I really can't thank Lawrence enough for offering a full registration to WPPI 2011 (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)! He is talented photog and author of a great educational blog - check him out here.

It was one of my 2011 goals to attend a workshop or conference of some sort - with travel and registration fees, I didn't even consider WPPI (premier wedding photography conference, p.s.). Just last week I actually told Ben that I felt like a little kid who couldn't go on the year's best field trip... all the cool kids are going. One week, a free registration and 32,000 frequent flier miles later, I'm back on the playground (literally, ya'll - Vegas!).

The registration includes one guest so I'm honored to have my mom join me - she's assisted me during several weddings last summer. She's got a vibrant personality and a great eye; she's one of those instant-love people that everyone wants to know better. Not to mention she's a superb entrepreneur so I'm pumped that she'll be there to learn with and bounce ideas back and forth.

There is one aspect that I'd love to add to my WPPI Vegas experience (okay, two: the second being winning a jackpot...). The first a bit more realistic and way more responsible -- Justin and Mary Marantz are a super cute wedding photography couple based in New England (visit their "About J&M" page and you'll agree - adorable). They're offering a J&M Shoot Out one morning during the conference and I would love to be a part of it - models and Lens Pro To Go included! While the entire WPPI conference will be such an important learning opportunity for me and my baby LGP business, the J&M Shoot Out would be an invaluable hands on experience which would grow me in the most important area : snappin' that shutter.

I'll be attending their Platform class: "How to be a Rainmaker" Thursday 9-11am - eager to learn how to thrive in the current economy!

Some days I think back on our fabulous wedding and for an instant I find myself thinking I wish I had spent more time talking to my fabulous photographers, picking their brains (and then I remember why, for good reason, this didn't occur to me). A hands-on learning experience with such a talented and personable duo would be the icing on the cake at this year's 2011 WPPI. Thanks for the opportunity, J&M!