So excited to share that as of this past Friday, Ashley (of Ginger + Birch), and I are officially space buddies! It's been something we've talked and dreamed about for a while -- how luxurious it would be to actually meet clients in a professional space rather than feel like I'm on a blind date awaiting them in a coffee shop; the elaborate collaborations that could happen there; the separation of home and work. The conversation got serious about two months ago and after lots of lists and numbers and happy dances and high-fives from our menfolk, it's really happening (what?!)! A perfect little spot in our beloved Grandview Heights, walking distance for both of us. We'll each continue operating as Lily Glass Photography and Ginger + Birch, but now have a kick-ask space in which to do so. 

graphics by  ashley wilcox

graphics by ashley wilcox

stay tuned for more photos, pleas to help us paint and/or move,  and open house dates! I feel giddy and nervous and excited and wide-eyed and wanna move in right away all at once. So grateful to not only do what I love, but be supported by my family to pursue wild and crazy things. xo

Ruthie making herself at home.

Ruthie making herself at home.