art + reika

I first saw Art and Reika just over a year ago as they walked into our tiny church plant and immediately pegged them as too cool to ever hang out with us.  They're the kind of fabulous that just seems to happen, ya know? The kind of cute that could throw on anything and it would look fantastic and effortless; they're so cool we invented a hashtag just for them. But here's the thing - tell this to their face and they would both just giggle. Art and Reika are two of the kindest, most genuine folks we've ever had the pleasure of knowing and our lives are most definitely better because of them. They're completely head over heels for one another - so dedicated to each other and to their friends, fully present in whatever situation they find themselves which is a rare thing these days. Basically, as all of our grandma's would say : "they're good people." 

Art and Reika will be married in June and sometimes I die a little when they share details about their wedding - and here's my favorite part : I'll be shooting all film! They're big bike enthusiasts so we spent one evening rolling from one favorite spot to another around Columbus and had a blast.

Thanks for all your lovin', Art + Reika. #artandreika4eva

Kodak Portra 400 Film

Kodak Portra 400 Film


So excited to share that as of this past Friday, Ashley (of Ginger + Birch), and I are officially space buddies! It's been something we've talked and dreamed about for a while -- how luxurious it would be to actually meet clients in a professional space rather than feel like I'm on a blind date awaiting them in a coffee shop; the elaborate collaborations that could happen there; the separation of home and work. The conversation got serious about two months ago and after lots of lists and numbers and happy dances and high-fives from our menfolk, it's really happening (what?!)! A perfect little spot in our beloved Grandview Heights, walking distance for both of us. We'll each continue operating as Lily Glass Photography and Ginger + Birch, but now have a kick-ask space in which to do so. 

graphics by  ashley wilcox

graphics by ashley wilcox

stay tuned for more photos, pleas to help us paint and/or move,  and open house dates! I feel giddy and nervous and excited and wide-eyed and wanna move in right away all at once. So grateful to not only do what I love, but be supported by my family to pursue wild and crazy things. xo

Ruthie making herself at home.

Ruthie making herself at home.