2014, Y'all

And a Happy New Year to you, dear reader!


I still remember the turn of the century when I was worried that we didn't have enough canned goods to survive Y2K but was then completely distracted by the huge bloody lip I got while playing basketball at 11pm on December 31st, 1999 (thanks, braces). And here we are fourteen years later -- older, wiser and with relatively straighter teeth (again, thanks braces).

Though I'm a sucker for traditions, I'm not much one for resolutions. (I'm sure it's because I know I need one regarding exercise but I also know I won't keep up with it and also everyone else is doing it so therefore I'm not interested.) Still, I find myself beginning the year with a list of to-do's and projects -- some excite me and others overwhelm me. Today on the Hart & Honey blog I share a few simple steps to achieving your goals and thought it only appropriate to follow that advice and share that I'm committed to blogging more frequently. (I know, you're welcome.)

I'm nailing down a schedule (silly that I've never), but want to regularly (and on time!), share the work that I'm doing, share the personal projects I'm pursuing/struggling with/problem-solving and share more photography tips and industry opinions. It's something I enjoy doing and have profited from others doing -- it's good for SEO and other things I don't understand,  but most wonderfully, when a bride tells me she cried like a baby reading the blog I wrote about my Grandmother, it's just reassurance that we're a good fit for one another.


Other goals include shooting more film and as this post publishes I'll be miles high, flying south-bound either with a perfectly content or wildly raucous toddler on my lap, but bags loaded with lovely 35mm film and a big ol' empty notebook ready to take on this newest year. Thanks for being here, friends.