The Glass Family | January 2k17

In addition to my 2017 goal of stepping in front of the camera a bit more, I'm challenging myself to share more personal snapshots of our family on a monthly basis. This is mostly a plot to get myself to actually edit our personal images instead of just throwing them on a hard drive but so long as I think the internet is holding me accountable, I should become none the wiser. 

2016 turned out to be one of our most-traveled years to date. Though we hardly left the state, we had opportunity to explore the vast topographies and climates of our dear california and we soaked up every minute of it. Some super sweet family time for the three of us before we welcome this fourth member any day now. For personal work I try to shoot mostly film as it adds to my being more present and aware - I'm not just firing away at every little moment but more choosy about what I document and less distracted by my camera. And then we get to relive the whole experience when the film comes back a few days later. I 100% recommend it. below are some favorites from our time in sequoia, big bear, twenty-nine palms and joshua tree.

san clemente family session

I always ask for the names and ages of the kiddos before any family session. seeing the names increases the chance of my terrible memory bringing them to mind and knowing their ages lets me prepare the appropriate amount of knock knock or fart jokes. when mama myrna wrote back saying her kids were pre-teen to full on teen age my stomach did a flip and all my middle school nerves rushed back into my heart. but these beautiful blonde babes couldn't have been more fun to photograph. they trusted me and twirled with me and even though it was clearly apparent that they're cooler than I ever have been or will be, welcomed me with open arms into their lovely family. enjoy