Work+Life Balance as a Mama Photographer | by lily glass

Phew. I've had this post on my mind for a while now and couldn't seem to get it under 1 million words. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but there are 12 pages of notes in my sketchbook compiled from airplane napkin scribbles, text messages sent to myself while at the playground and various "to-do" lists scattered throughout the house. 

The juggle of motherhood and freelance work is a conversation I always love to have. But it's a difficult subject because my thoughts on it seem to evolve with each passing week. Being a self-employed mama is an ongoing learning process and entails literally 1 million variables every day (I will argue that this number is not an exaggeration). Alas, my multiple attempts to address balance and the topic in five clean and friendly tips has proven to be quick tricky.

So why limit the discussion to one post? If we're all in this together and figuring things out as we go, let's talk about it as we go, shall we? Businesses and babies can grow at the same rate and while both can be quite challenging they're also quiet rewarding. I love what I do and I adore my baby girl -- and I feel blessed that I get to submerse myself in both. Is it messy and hard? Sho' is. But let's be honest, motherhood [period] is messy and hard. But so, so beautiful. 

Whether you have five kids, one in the oven or motherhood is somewhere in your 5-year plan, I hope to share some encouragement, resources and helpful tips for being a self-employed mom. (Spoiler alert : the main one is to give yourself lots of grace.) And in return, hope to hear what methods of juggling you find successful. 

 mama and baby | lily glass

Look for the first post early next week. In the meantime, be inspired by the work of these fabulous women -- lovely mothers doing great work. 

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