Featured | Addiah Inspired

During our last jaunt down South I had the pleasure of working with Virginia Petitte, the owner and curator of the lovely online boutique Addiah. We shot for her Spring Collection and couldn't have asked for lovelier weather or better models. I was honored and delighted when she asked if I'd answer a few questions for her blog, Addiah Inspired, (mostly because questionnaires are my favorite), and she generously let me ramble on but I so enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my goals and be reminded of why I love what I do -- so thank you, Virginia for providing that. 

So, if you've always wondered whether I like coffee or tea, what my favorite picture is or what I'd be if I wasn't a photographer, grab some coffee and pretend like we're having this conversation. Oh! Virginia is also one of the fine folks providing goodies and giveaways at this weekend's SNAPSHOP, so get excited.