Brainstorming in Berea, KY

Last month my momma and I met half way between Dayton, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio for some brainstorming extraordinaire! My entrepreneurial mother, Mary Zopfi, owns and operates a fabulous, cage-free dog boarding and training facility - K9 Country Village - a great business full of fluffy k-9's but a bit distracting for hard core business brainstorming sessions. So, we decided to meet half way and eliminate all as many distractions as we could. Berea, Kentucky is exactly half way and was the perfect location for a relaxing, porch-sitting, Arnold-Palmer-sipping, planning period. She's got so many fantastic ideas about where she wants her current lifestyle and business model to go, so we worked on her new website/blog and packed our two days full of discussing the practical/impractical and making endless to-do and to-want-to-do lists for our respective businesses. We stayed at the lovely Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and lingered a while at the Berea Coffee & Tea Co, taking window shopping breaks around the block as needed. (I'm making an executive decision to prolong our next meet-up; there were countless antique stores begging to be checked out.)

cheers, Momma. xoxo