i’m lily,

a transplanted southerner, wife of a writer, mother of two and recovering extrovert.

I have a thing for high contrast, an obsession with deep grit and grain. I look for blur and motion to contribute to a feeling of authenticity and realness. These visual elements pay tribute to and celebrate the things that make your love run so deep.

The hard days, the sleepless nights, the giving of self over and over, the making up and figuring out along the way.

Life isn't perfect and polished or exactly as we expect.

photo by yan palmer


slow down

and allow yourself to be totally present, to be fully aware of how wonderful, lovely, fleeting and priceless this moment is and just as your heart overflows with gratitude in seeps a tinge of pain. It's your heart raising it’s vulnerable hand saying this is too much I can’t take more. what if this wonderful thing ever goes away? It is a simultaneous gratitude for and mourning of the present moment that immediately drifts into the past. An awareness that these days will not come again. It’s this in between that I want to photograph. A realization of the goodness at hand, the love so deep that it lets go and let’s flourish at the same time.

"To be fully present with a touch of nostalgia for the moment at hand."

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