Las Vegas, WPPI

I'm writing from a lovely little mini-suite (thanks, Travelocity), with gold-tinted windows, about to attend the last session here at WPPI in Las Vegas. We arrived in Sin City early afternoon on Sunday and our excitement and adrenaline powered our bodies through the three hour time change. I had just enough time to check in and register before my first session - which was ah-mazing. Coffee-session-trade show-granola bar-session-trade show-coffee-sesssion-granola bar-party-sleep-repeat. Three full days pass and we haven't even been out of our hotel (the MGM, which is HUGE), nor have I taken one photo. That's right, four days at a photo conference... undocumented. Last night we were finally able to sneak out and experience the wonder and the legend that is In and Out Burger. One more session this morning and then the rest of the day will be spent exploring!

More on the conference and the outstanding presentations later - for now, let this be an indication of the fun we're having.