los angeles maker series lily glass | garner blue

This gal is a pure joy to be around. Our lives overlapped in Tennessee for a bit but it wasn't until Ben and I moved to Ohio that we started connecting more over our respective creative pursuits. We get to know each other better for each quick visit we have once or twice a year and I always leave better for it.

Lisa began Garner Blue after pursuing an interest in indigo dye and now spends her days elbow deep in blue. It's such a lovely experience to watch her work. Applying the resist, dipping, straining, hanging all the while the West Tennessee breeze blew quietly and the birds carried on. She and her husband Joe (truly one of our favorite musicians), are some of those salt of the earth folk - you know, the ones your grandma might refer to as "good people." Watch their work because I know they're going places. Good people making good work. 

*mug by Mer Holder