dreaming of italy

Even though we've had a week of 100+ degrees in Southern California, my body clock is still aware that Autumn is around the corner. And with every fall since 2011, my spirit aches for the beauty, the people and the food of Italia. The year leading up to our trip was full of hurdles and financial stresses but the wise folks in our lives urged us to hang onto our plane tickets and reservations and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. So we did. Every minute of it. (Okay, most minutes. I got grumpy on a hike once.) Two months after we returned, we got pregnant with little Ruthie-girl and it was obvious that if we had cancelled our trip, we probably wouldn't have made it overseas for a long, long time. And until we get to go back, we'll enjoy our warm banquettes and delicious wines during our new adventures on the West Coast. cheers, italia

Cinque e Cinque, Florence, Italy
Tuscany, Italy.
Rome, Italy | lily glass
Orvieto, Italy | image by lily glass
Venice, Italy | image by lily glass